The Zinc Kings

A Piedmont Old Time Band

The Carolina Piedmont is unique. Culturally and musically. It's home to a cultural heritage unlike anywhere else, with its own set of stories and musical traditions. Some of the most iconic figures in folk music come from our area, and while bluegrass and country have swept the nation, the Piedmont style holds to its humble roots right here. We want to share the stories, songs, and traditions and keep this great thing going.

The Band

Zinc Kings is an Old Time band based out of Greensboro, NC. We met in college at UNCG in 2008. We played in a class called the Old Time Ensemble, led by Revell Carr. In 2010 we formed The Zinc Kings to keep ourselves out of trouble. It didn't work.

We are:
  • Christen Blanton Mack, fiddle
  • Dan Clouse, banjo and washboard
  • Mark Dillon, guitar and banjo

The Story

We play Old Time music, Piedmont blues, mill tunes, pickin' and fiddlin' tunes. We can be seen at local music festivals, concerts, community events, even weddings. The music of the Carolina Piedmont is our focus. It's a living tradition, and we're happy to share it with our fans.

We recently finished up working with Bare Theatre on a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. It was an honor working with such fine folks. We are in the process of recording the music we wrote for the show. If you're interested in buying a copy of the CD, scroll down to the media section.



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